The Niagara Safety Village is a registered not for profit educational facility whose mission is to provide safety education to the residents of Niagara, with our priority group being children. We have been a leader in this endeavour for the past 11 years. The Niagara Safety Village serves over 7,000 students annually with the schools attending from across the Niagara Region. Partners include N.R.P.S., the Fire Chief’s of Niagara, Niagara E.M.S. and the 4 school boards of Niagara. The curriculum is based on the Ministry of Education guidelines and the Niagara Safety Village also has a Senior’s Safety Seminar once a month. They partner with Welland Safe Communities on some events. Visit the Niagara Safety Village website for all of our events.

Shirley Cordiner
Executive Director
Niagara Safety Village

Telephone: (905) 714-9333

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