The Niagara Region Culture Committee (NRCC) supports innovation, collaboration and capacity-building in Niagara’s culture sector by helping to implement the Niagara Culture Plan, formulated to guide the Region in developing Niagara’s creative economy, creative people, creative places, and creative identity. NRCC’s mission includes enabling and evaluating progress on implementing the Culture Plan; fostering partnerships and innovation for culture; collaborating with the community and sector on projects including programs, events, reports, workshops and more designed to serve residents, visitors, cultural organizations and cultural workers in Niagara. To learn more about the NRCC please visit the Niagara Region website or the Sustainable Niagara Action Database.

Marian Bannerman
Coordinator, Community and Corporate Initiatives
Niagara Region

Phone: (905) 685-4225 Ext. 3357

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