Credit Counselling of Regional Niagara (CCRN) actively coaches people in our community to achieve financial fitness. It is a not-for-profit, charitable community organization offering confidential credit counselling at no cost, and debt management programs at low to no cost. CCRN has been serving the Niagara community since 1975, assisting thousands of individuals and families each year who are experiencing money and debt problems.

CCRN’s professional counsellors are real people who live and work in your community. Their goal is to provide solutions tailored to your specific situation. When you make an appointment with CCRN, a counsellor will sit down with you to review your financial situation and discuss various options and solutions.

CCRN also has educational workshops available at no charge to staff, clients, and community non-profits and service groups on topics such as:

  • Personal Money Management
  • Budgeting Dos and Don’ts
  • Credit: How Does it Really Work?
  • Collection Agencies: Know Your Rights
  • Surviving a Disruption in Income
  • Kids and Money
  • …and more

CCRN partners with more than 50 agencies each year to advance understanding of financial literacy within the Niagara region.

Marni Dubiel
Trust Administrator
Credit Counselling of Regional Niagara


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