The Children’s Services Sector of Niagara (CSS-N) is comprised of member agencies who collectively serve Niagara’s children and youth (aged 0-18) who have special needs and their families:

  • who are at risk and/or identified with mental health problems or mental illness; addictions; developmental delays or disabilities; physical disabilities; communicative disorders, and/or,
  • who are in need of protection, and/or
  • who are pre-charge youth associated with the youth justice system.

The CSS-N works together to help children and youth who have special needs reach their fullest potential. They work with children, youth and their families to achieve quality of Life, positive health, resiliency, community participation, independence and safety.

Kaarina Vogin
Executive Director
Contact Niagara

Phone: (905) 684-3407 Ext. 7233

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