Thanks to the national Census conducted every five years, we learn about our community in a way that allows constructive action on everyone’s part.  Now we have the chance to learn about Niagara’s economy in the same robust way.

This is because Niagara Region Planning & Development Services, in collaboration with many stakeholders is conducting a survey of every reachable business in the region between May – August 2016.

A team of five surveyors have been knocking on doors across Niagara, tapping on tablets as they briefly interview company owners.  The questions are designed to create an inventory of businesses and organizations that indicate the number of workers in Niagara, the size of businesses they work for and in what sector of the economy.

The picture resulting from this data is potentially of great importance to all of us.  Understanding the patterns of the economy and how they may evolve in future is critical to planning (both in the sense of land use and organizational planning) whether one is in government, the for-social-profit sector, or the private sector.

Other communities in the greater Toronto and Hamilton area regularly conduct employment surveys – a best practice Niagara is adopting to improve our competitiveness.

The survey also provides an opportunity for business owners and executives to give their feedback to the Region about how it can best help them.  As always, considered responses could really help shape future activities!

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Paul Connor, B.A. (Hons.), MBA
Manager, Economic Research & Analysis
Niagara Region Economic Development

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