The amount of data our world produces has exploded! Some estimates put the total amount of data generated each day at 2.5 quintillion bytes.

Organizations have been eagerly adopting data analytics for their ambitious goals. We’re only just starting to see how revolutionary this field can be, and we can expect even more changes on the horizon.

Datathon is a Niagara-based not-for-profit organization that leverages industry expertise to provide practical training and education in the areas of data science and analytics.

The Datathon Team is comprised of a multi-disciplinary group of self-described data geeks, motivated by the lack of practical learning opportunities, and the disconnect between what is taught in university and what skills employers are looking for.

Our goal is to make sure people have the skills and experiences they need to be successful in our increasingly competitive and technical job market.

This year the Datathon Conference will be held on Saturday, November 9th at Brock University in Sean O’Sullivan Theater.

Learn about analytics and emerging trends in AI and machine learning from speakers working at companies that include Shopify, RBC, BMO, CIBC, Goldspot Discoveries, IBM and The Co-operators! No prior knowledge needed!

Participate in workshops on Financial Modeling, Python, R, and VBA, AI in Cancer Prediction, and an IBM Watson Workshop!

Get your tickets before workshops fill up! For more information and tickets please visit our website at


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