There are three ways for you to contribute to the sustainability and growth of the Niagara Connectscommunity network and its tools: Subscription, Sponsorship, or by hiring Niagara Connects to facilitate projects.

SUBSCRIPTION: Connect to Niagara-focused resources, events, people and projects

BASIC: Individual community members have access to multiple free services to connect them to timely and relevant resources, events, people and projects. Services include but are not limited to:

  • Access to the Niagara Knowledge Exchange online platform
  • Access to the Living in Niagara Report
  • Access to the Niagara Community Calendar
  • Regular Niagara Connects E-Newsletters
  • Free online webinars

Select, Ultra and Premium Subscription: Local organizations, agencies, businesses or coalitions can purchase an annual subscription and receive additional customized Knowledge Broker support and opportunities to engage, share and contribute to Niagara Connects network activity. Knowledge brokers link people to people or people to information in order to share learning, better understand each other’s goals or professional cultures, influence each other’s work, and forge new partnerships. Paid subscribers will be recognized as organizations that invest in relevant, reliable, Niagara-focused information resources for evidence-informed planning, and as leaders in building a culture of open data sharing for a stronger future for Niagara.

SELECT: Designed for small to medium sized Niagara organizations or businesses, services include BASIC services plus:

  • Subscriber listing and link to subscriber’s website on Niagara Knowledge Exchange online platform
  • Niagara Knowledge Exchange platform orientation
  • Regular blog post spot
  • Feature in Niagara Connects E-Newsletter

ULTRA: Designed for medium-large Niagara organizations, agencies or businesses, services include BASIC and ULTRA services plus:

  • Guaranteed 3 spots for your staff at Niagara Connects Learning events (e.g. webinars, knowledge-sharing breakfasts, facilitated gatherings etc.)
  • Opportunities to engage the Niagara-wide community through in-person and online learning events such as gatherings and webinars
  • Tailored coaching to utilize knowledge tools to advance organizational goals

PREMIUM: Designed for large Niagara-wide organizations, agencies or businesses with a large number of employees and/or multiple departments and points of community contact. Services include BASIC, SELECT and ULTRA services plus:

  • Dedicated KB Project and / or Organizational Service

SPONSORSHIP: Be a partner in building a Niagara-wide culture of connecting, knowledge-sharing, planning and taking action together

Sponsorship of Niagara Connects tools and learning events enables organizations and businesses to market themselves within the Niagara-wide community, and strategically align themselves with the values, vision and innovative approach of the Niagara Connects Niagara-wide network of citizens. Special promotion of sponsors’ brand identity on the Niagara Knowledge Exchange and associated community engagement tools will enable you to increase your profile in Niagara, associate your brand with a culture of building a stronger future for Niagara, and align with innovative knowledge exchange.

Sponsorship opportunities are developed on a case-by-case basis. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Online advertising space on the Niagara Knowledge Exchange platform
  • Promotion during online learning events and in-person knowledge-sharing gatherings, through event-specific sponsorship and/or opportunities to share information at Niagara Connects events
  • Promotion through Niagara Connects publications (E-Newsletter, blog posts, special reports)
  • Sponsor profile on the Niagara Knowledge Exchange online platform (logo, hyperlink)
  • Sponsorship of Living in Niagara Report

**For more details and information about pricing, please contact Mary Wiley at