Stated in simple terms, food loss and waste (FLW) is 1) the discarding of resources along the value chain utilized in the production and distribution of consumer foods and beverages, and 2) foods purchased by consumers though not eaten. As shown in the diagram below, the term “food loss” is typically used to describe the discarding of food that occurs from production through to processing, while the term “food waste” describes the discarding of food during its distribution to consumers through retail or food service and subsequently in the home. Food waste also applies to food and beverages that are donated to food rescue organizations but end up being discarded.

This report is a guide to reducing FLW in Canada through prevention and redistribution, and reducing FLW going to landfill by reuse and recycling.

Authors: Gooch, M., Bucknell, D., LaPlain, D., Dent, B., Whitehead, P., Felfel, A., Nikkel, L., Maguire, M.

Published By: Value Chain Management International and Second Harvest

Publication Date: January 2019

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