The municipal sector in Ontario is increasingly at the forefront of developing age-friendly communities and providing vital services to seniors. This includes long-term care, affordable housing, public health services and community support services. Municipal governments are committed to providing high quality services to their residents and ensuring safety and affordability. While some services are required through legislation, many municipal governments have filled gaps when provincial allocations are insufficient, introducing additional services, and developing innovative ways of working beyond what is required. Fundamentally, however, providing the same quality of service on the same budget will not be possible given growing demand and service requirements. A broader conversation is needed about current capacity and level of demand.

Building on two previous AMO papers, this document furthers the dialogue on the municipal role in facilitating age-friendly communities and providing services to seniors. It outlines key issues for municipal governments, including developing plans, providing community services including transportation and housing, providing long-term care, and ensuring services are culturally-appropriate and relevant in northern and rural communities. Opportunities for improvement are highlighted, and recommendations are made

Published By: Association of Municipalities of Ontario

Publication Date: September 2016

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