Frontline organizations in Ontario will soon have access to free, rapid, self-administered COVID-19 screening tests through a new program called Stop the Spread and Stay Safe. The program, run by the Canadian Red Cross in partnership with the Government of Canada, is now accepting pre-registration from organizations in Ontario.

By participating in the program, organizations will gain access to easy and free COVID-19 tests to include as part of their screening and safety measures to mitigate risk to staff and the communities they support. These tests will detect potential COVID-19 cases in 15 minutes. Additionally, the program includes support and access to experts to help set up screening programs.

To qualify, organizations must be a charity or non-profit, or an Indigenous community organization with five (5) personnel (staff and volunteers) who work in close proximity to each other or have direct contact with community members.

Intake for organizations outside of Ontario will occur later but interested organizations are encouraged to fill in the pre-registration form to be contacted when the program is available in their region.

Published by: Canadian Red Cross

Published date: May 2021

To view the poster click here: Stop The Spread and Stay Safe


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