This report explores obstacles that the tourism industry still faces on the road to economic recovery. It points to opportunities for the future of tourism in Ontario. The report includes a strategy to make Ontario the best destination in the world to visit, operate a tourism business, and invest in premier visitor experiences. Key issues are grouped under four broad sections: Economy, Labour, Infrastructure, and the Future of Tourism in Ontario.

Ongoing workforce challenges and a multi-faceted labour crisis facing the Ontario tourism industry warrant a targeted strategy, including:

  • Re-conceptualizing how people view tourism careers
  • Optimizing work placement opportunities for post-secondary students
  • Reforming immigration to retain international students and reliably attract international workers that meet the needs of the industry
  • Consistently promoting job-ready skills in the high school curriculum
  • Ensuring that decision-making is data-driven and specific to each locality and region
  • The lack of comprehensive and affordable public transportation within and between Ontario destinations limits travel and commuting options, precludes opportunities for multi-destination travel, and impacts business recruitment and retention.
  • Limited availability of affordable housing impacts workforce recruitment, retention, and dispersion to rural tourism economies.

Published By: Tourism Industry Association of Ontario and Ontario Chamber of Commerce
Publication Date: December, 2022

Click here to access State of the Ontario Tourism Industry Report 2022

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