This policy brief by the Niagara Community Observatory looks at how people in, and visitors to Niagara utilize our beaches; the current and historic factors affecting water and beach quality; and how beach quality is monitored and reported.

The brief states that in summer, Bay (Crystal) Beach on Lake Erie draws more than 2,000 visitors per day, including some from south of the border.  Industrial, residential and agricultural pollutants and rising water temperatures have affected beach quality in the past and there have been continuing efforts to increase water quality in the Great Lakes. The risks for swimmers and beach-goers are monitored and reported by a team of Niagara Region Public Health staff who ensure the most accurate beach quality reporting possible.

The brief notes that beach quality is affected by a variety of environmental, physical and human factors, and provides conclusions about what we can do to improve beach water quality.

Authors: Sophia Papastavrou & Doug Hagar

Published By: Brock University Niagara Community Observatory

Publication Date: June 2013

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