The goal of the Niagara Parent Knowledge Study (NPKS) was to gather information to answer the following questions:

  • What knowledge does Niagara parents of children aged 0-6 years possess in relation to their child’s growth and development?
  • How confident are Niagara parents of their knowledge of their child’s growth and development?
  • Where do Niagara parents seek out information of their child’s growth and development?

Potentially, the study results can help inform early years services for program planning in support of parents as well as provide valuable information on how to deliver/communicate information to parents. The study results could also be used to provide a baseline for future studies to monitor whether there are any changes/improvements/modifications in how early years services in Niagara are meeting the needs of parents and their young children.

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Published By: Niagara Children’s Planning Council

Publication Date: 2015

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