The Niagara Mental Health and Addictions Charter, built by 65 diverse organizations working in the mental health and addictions continuum in Niagara is a collective statement based on evidence and community expert opinion, gathered through a systematic process facilitated by Niagara Connects and Health Living Niagara.

The Charter aims to create a common agenda in Niagara where:

  • Optimal mental health and wellbeing for all people is an essential element to be included in the planning as we build a stronger future; and
  • We take an inclusive, holistic, preventive, individual and family-centred approach across the lifespan so that each community member can achieve their optimal level of wellbeing.

The Charter presents 9 principles which will form the foundation of Niagara’s mental health and addictions continuum.

Published By: Niagara Connects and Health Living Niagara,

Publication Date: May, 2014

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