A report commissioned by Healthy Living Niagara, and funded by the Government of Ontario

This report presents the findings of a food systems environmental scan and highlights recommendations on how this data can be used as part of a food systems data collection strategy. It builds on the environmental scan completed for Healthy Living Niagara in 2013. The final report and the accompanying database provides details on groups, organizations, documents, reports, plans, events, projects and programs involved in food systems work. The data represents a collection of what is happening and/or what is planned in Niagara, Ontario and Canada. Understanding what has already been done and how it fits into an approach looking at food systems in Niagara is a necessary task.

This report also summarizes the findings of background research completed on network mapping and community food assessments and their applicability to food systems work.

Author: Sarah Evason MHSc, RD on behalf of Niagara Connects

Published By: Health Living Niagara & Niagara Connects

Publication Date: 2014

View Who Is Doing What in Niagara Food Systems and Beyond

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