The new Niagara Region Official Plan was adopted by Niagara Region Council on June 23, 2022. Once approved by the Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing, the 2022 plan will replace the 2014 Consolidated Regional Official Plan.

The new plan is based on four years of consultation. The recommendation report for the plan was approved by the Niagara Region Planning and Economic Development Committee on June 15, 2022.

It includes a 2051 Vision:
“Niagara is a region of distinct, vibrant and connected urban and rural communities. Niagara Region will support and grow a sustainable and diversified economy while providing exceptional quality of life for all, and protecting our beautiful natural landscape.”

The plan addresses:

  • Growth (forecasts, regional structure-directing growth, housing)
  • Sustainability (natural environment, natural heritage systems, special Escarpment Plan and Greenbelt lands, species at risk, watershed planning, source water protection, stewardship,
    climate change and resiliency, excess soil management)
  • Competitiveness (agricultural system, employment, mineral aggregate resources, petroleum and mineral resources, economic prosperity)
  • Connectivity (transportation, complete streets, movement of goods, infrastructure, public spaces, recreation, parks, trails and open spaces)
  • Vibrancy (district plans, urban design, active transportation, healthy communities, archaeology, conservation, cultural heritage)

Click here to access the new Niagara Official Plan adopted by Niagara Region Council on June 23, 2022.

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