The Living Wage for 2022 in Niagara is $19.80 per hour.

The living wage reflects what earners in a household need to be paid, based on the actual cost of living and being included in a specific community.  Included in the evidence-based living wage calculation are:

  • food
  • shelter
  • clothing
  • transportation
  • communication
  • child care
  • private health care insurance for prescription medication/dental coverage
  • continuing education for adults to upgrade skills
  • participation in community (i.e. recreation and leisure)

Employers paying a living wage experience improved reputation of the business, strengthened relationships between management and staff, decreased employee turnover and absenteeism, increased retention and productivity, and savings on rehiring and retraining. 

Published By: Living Wage Niagara Program, c/o United Way Niagara

Publication Date: 2022

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