In Ontario, the need for more information on family characteristics and experiences of children before entering kindergarten led to the development of the Kindergarten Parent Survey (KPS), a parent‐completed survey which can be used as a companion document to the Early Developmental Instrument (EDI) (Janus et al, 2007). In Ontario, the survey is completed by the parents of children for whom the teacher is completing the EDI. The KPS is an eight page questionnaire that provides information on the environment and familial influences on children’s developmental health at school entry such as: child health and development, child care, children’s experiences before kindergarten, regular activities, services and programs accessed, kindergarten experiences, and family and neighbourhood characteristics (Ontario Ministry of Education, 2012). Supplemental questions have been added around a variety of topics to meet the individual community’s need where the survey was implemented.

The data includes responses from 1477 parents and 52.1% of the children were male. Any variable with five or less responses was not included.

Published By: Kingston Region Public Health

Publication Date: 2011

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