Reflecting on this past year, we feel a tremendous sense of gratitude for the opportunity of supporting Niagara’s early learning and child care community for more than 20 years now. When the ECCDC opened its doors in 1993, few of us would have imagined the tremendous advancements that have occurred in the field of early learning. We had no way of knowing the diversity of educators and organizations the ECCDC would come to serve. Although we recognized that collaborating with community partners was important, we didn’t fully
understand that remaining steadfast in this focus would allow Niagara to become a leader in early learning and child care.

The Early Childhood Community Development Centre is a professional resource and referral organization working to help early learning and care providers achieve their goals by offering resources, training, and supports and helping employers and parents gain information about early learning and child care choices in Niagara. It is committed to strengthening early learning and care because it contributes to the healthy development of children, the wellness of families, and the prosperity of Niagara. In the 20 years since its creation by local volunteers, the ECCDC has become Canada’s leading early learning and care resource, referral, and support organization.

Publication Date: Spring 2014

Published by: Early Childhood Community Development Centre

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