Canada and US stakeholders have mutual interest in supporting, strengthening and sustaining cross-border innovation ecosystems. This “binational advantage” provides countries with benefits from the economic growth, productivity and efficiency that arise when Canadian and American systems of the production, provision and distribution of goods and services are integrated between regions of geographic proximity.

How can stakeholders in Canada and the US provide the enabling environment to support, strengthen and sustain cross-border economic innovation ecosystems? Given the complexity of actors involved (e.g., public sector actors at the federal, state-provincial and local scales; private sector companies and entrepreneurs; economic development officials, incubators, accelerators and business support organizations; research institutions; non-profits) in what is generally viewed as an organic process, what would it take?

Authors: Kathryn Friedman, Charles Conteh and Carol Phillips

Published By: Niagara Community Observatory

Publication Date: September 2019

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