An age-friendly business provides goods, services and/or spaces creating an age-friendly environment more welcoming to our aging population and the broader community and its members.

Today’s older adults are different than yesteryear’s seniors as they are increasingly:

  • Well and active, living longer and healthier
  • Contributing to our community with expertise, life experience, and volunteer time
  • Providing valued support to their families
  • Consumers in the local economy

Age-friendly related economic opportunities of an aging boomer population (from Environics Analytics):

  • Economically, the younger generation will no longer represent the biggest growth market
  • In the coming decades, Baby Boomers (ages 50– 69) will control the bulk of wealth and spending
  • Boomer households spend 66% more on goods and services than Millennial households (ages 15 to 34)
  • Older adults are generally loyal to businesses and services that provide good experiences

This Guide provides more information about how any business located within the municipal boundaries of the city of Thorold can take steps to become more age-friendly.

Businesses can complete the City of Thorold Age-Friendly Business Self-Assessment Tool to help determine if their business qualifies for an Age-Friendly Business Recognition Certificate and sticker.

Note: The Age-Friendly Business Guide is an adaptation of the Welland Pelham Age Friendly Guide.

Published By: City of Thorold & the Thorold Age-Friendly Committee

Publication Date: 2018

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