This World Health Organization (WHO) policy brief is designed to help governments, academia, civil society and the health and well-being community to access and utilize International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) evidence, to strengthen governance and implementation on climate change and health.

The brief shows that impacts to health are increasing. Climate risks are appearing faster and will become more severe sooner than previously expected, and it will be harder to adapt with increased global heating. The IPCC Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) reinforces evidence on climate change and health; strengthens integration of social, environment and economic considerations; and emphasizes climate change equity and justice.

This policy brief:
– takes a health perspective on the scope of the climate problem;
– outlines observations and projections for physical and mental health;
– summarizes knowledge on climate change impacts to environmental determinants of health (food, water, air); and
– discusses actioning this evidence in adaptation and mitigation strategies and climate change negotiations.

Publication Date: October, 2022
Published By: World Health Organization

Click here to access: Review of IPCC Evidence 2022 Climate Change, Health, and Well-being

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