Canada’s Top 5 in 5 health-improvement goals represent systemic issues that have a high health burden and a corresponding value for the Canadian population. The priorities strike a balance between health-system and health-status improvement; they reflect public priorities for health and health care; and they represent an agenda that health leaders, organizations, providers and patients can stand behind. Most importantly, Canada’s Top 5 in 5 goals provide an important focus for our nation’s health- care stakeholders — one that will help reduce “indicator chaos” and promote collaboration and participation at a national level.

With agreement on the Top 5 in 5, the next steps will be to move this new health agenda forward by broadening consensus, establishing strategic leadership, developing formal implementation plans and assigning accountabilities at every level of our health-care system.

Author: Adelsteinn D. Brown & Terrance Sullivan

Published By: Canadian Nurses Association, (613) 237-2133

Publication Date: September, 2013

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