This report is the national assessment of how and why Canada’s climate is changing; the impacts of these changes on our communities, environment and economy; and how we are adapting.  The report, available at demonstrates that:

  • Climate change affects nearly all sectors of Canada’s economy, our communities and our environment;
  • Increased efforts on adaptation are urgently needed; and
  • Adaptation is critical to reducing risks and negative impacts on Canadians.

A June 28, 2021 webinar, ‘Canada in a Changing Climate – National Issues’ featured a panel discussion with lead authors of the report.

Six key findings include:

  • Communities of all sizes across the country are experiencing the impacts of climate change on their infrastructure, health and wellbeing, cultures and economies.
  • Changes in climate are threatening the vital services that Canada’s ecosystems provide and are negatively impacting our water resources.
  • While climate change will bring some potential benefits, overall it will impose increasing economic costs on Canada.
  • We must look beyond our borders when assessing the impacts of a changing climate for Canada.
  • Large gaps remain in our preparedness for climate change, as demonstrated by recent impacts of extreme weather events, such as floods and wildfires.
    • Lessons on good practices are continuing to emerge to help guide successful adaptation (factoring social equity in adaptation; Indigenous Knowledge; disclosure of climate-related risks as a driver of private sector adaptation; and flexible approaches such as adaptive management).

Published By: Natural Resources Canada

Publication Date: June 28, 2021

Click here to view: Canada in Changing Climate National Issues Webinar Recording

Click here to view: June 28, 2021 Webinar Presentation Slides in English or Français

Click here to view: Canada in a Changing Climate: Advancing Our Knowledge for Action report.

Click here to view: Canada’s Climate Change Adaptation Platform

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