On November 7th, 2013 Niagara Connects, in partnership with the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Network, hosted a webinar entitled “Through an Age-Friendly Lens: Planning for an Inclusive and Economically Vibrant Niagara.” Paula Gardner explored principles of age-friendly work and provided global examples. Dominic Ventresca then presented background information on the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Network and discussed how global concepts are currently applied within a Niagara context.

During this audio interview with Brock University Student Radio, Paula talks further about ageism and age-friendly. Paula’s interview is from 41:27 – 57:07.

Publication Date: November, 2013

Additional supplementary material includes the Niagara Age-Friendly Webinar Event Recording, Niagara Age-Friendly Webinar Additional Questions and Answers, the Niagara Age-Friendly Webinar: Supplementary Resources, the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Network profile, the Niagara Age-Friendly Community Initiative: Year 3 Final Evaluation Report, the World Health Organization Age-Friendly Principles, and the blog entitled “What is Age-Friendly? How do you fit in?

View Brock University Student Radio: Interview with Paula Gardner About Being Age-Friendly

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