This report marks the tenth year of reporting results to the public, and the first year reporting nationally as opposed to the previous provincial-level benchmarking. From across Canada, there are 10 single-tier and 5 upper-tier municipalities (including Niagara), who have contributed to this report.

The 2015 MBNCanada Performance Measurement Report includes 156 measures representing 36 municipal services. It is important to recognize that each municipality has different responsibilities for service delivery and as such, may not report in all service areas. In addition, each municipality has unique characteristics related to socio-demographics, geographic location, and population as well as various influencing factors that affect their results. The majority of measures display 2013, 2014 and 2015 data wherever possible; however, there are instances where only one or two years of data is available.

The Report is meant to share results in the spirit of learning from one another. It does not provide an evaluation of, or an explanation for, each municipality’s results; however, there may be instances where an explanation is provided in order to support the results. Questions about specific results should be directed to the respective municipality through the Municipal Lead or the MBNCanada Program Manager.

Published By: MBNCanada

Publication Date: 2016

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