The purpose of the BeFAIR Project (Building an Elder Financial Abuse Intervention Response) is to stop elder financial abuse in Niagara Region by developing an intervention and advocacy program for victims of this form of abuse. In order to develop the funding necessary to do this, we need to know the scope of the problem in Niagara. Meetings with members of the Niagara Elder Abuse Prevention Network and Niagara Regional Police confirmed two things: there are no statistics or documented studies of the incidence of elder financial abuse in Niagara and there is a need for a service to address this issue. Since there are no local statistics available, the project team intends to carry out a survey of Niagara residents to document incidents of elder financial abuse to prove the need for a new service in the region. This research will involve interviews with seniors and senior support service providers as well as phone and internet responses from the general public. For more information visit or call 1-888-553-4312.

Rick Rochon
Project Consultant
The BeFAIR Project

Phone: (289) 990-3630

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