The Niagara Coastal Community Collaborative (NCCC) optimizes and expands local action to build a healthy and resilient Great Lakes coastal ecosystem that supports the community’s economic, recreational, spiritual, and environmental needs.

Activities focus around:

  • Facilitating discussions with Lake Erie communities and groups, sharing insight and data, informing policy change and identifying areas in need of restoration.
  • Community-based water monitoring – collecting low-cost, timely and reliable recreational water quality data for beaches across Niagara’s Lake Erie north shore and sharing that data publicly through Swim Guide
  • Visual Assessment Survey Tool (VAST) – engaging coastal citizens, youth and community groups in collecting data to fill knowledge gaps for shorelines of the Great Lakes. This enables coastal communities to become active participants in the protection of their shorelines by tracking changing coastal conditions.
  • Increasing shoreline resiliency along Lake Erie’s north shore by collecting data to inform local action that will increase biodiversity, reduce erosion, improve local water quality, and create habitat for species at risk.

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