The Niagara Children’s Planning Council (NCPC) mission is to ensure children in Niagara receive the best start in life.

Niagara Children’s Planning Council Vision:
• Niagara – a community that ensures every child will reach optimal potential through cooperative investment in the Early Years.
• All children in the Niagara region are safe, healthy and respected.
• All families in Niagara are supported to provide children with the best possible opportunities early in their lives.

The NCPC structure is organized around four results statements:
• Children are Healthy
• Children are Learning
• Children are Safe
• Families are Strong, Stable and Connected

These result statements are the NCPC community goals. They reflect the council’s desire to focus attention on children by:
• Improving overall health and well-being,
• Providing rich learning opportunities and creating life-long learners,
• Supporting safe environments at home, school and in their community at large, and
• Supporting families in the rewarding but oftentimes challenging work of caring for their children.

With this focused attention, the Niagara community can engage in thoughtful planning that purposely examines the support necessary for children to learn, be healthy, be safe and live in strong, stable and connected families. The four result statements are ‘what’ NCPC and community partners are working towards, and cooperative investment is ‘how’ they intend to do so.

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