INCommunities (formerly Information Niagara) is a multi-service agency operating three main programs: Information and Referral, Volunteer Connections and Interpreters Niagara/Hamilton. It is accredited by the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems (AIRS).

The Information and Referral Program – 211, helps people find solutions to problems by providing information or by referring them to the appropriate services in the community. INCommunities also Manages the Niagara Community Information Database containing almost 3000 listings of social, government and human service programs in the Niagara Region.  This database is available online to the public and is also used to respond to 211 inquiries across Ontario.

Interpreters Niagara/Hamilton assists human service professionals to help their non-English speaking clients through the use of trained and certified interpreters.

Volunteer Connections provides volunteer information and referral services to potential volunteers and not-for-profit agencies looking for volunteers.

Tammy Dumas
Executive Director

Phone: 905-682-1900

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