December 9, 2016 @ 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
St. Joseph's Healthcare Hamilton - Conference Centre 2nd floor, seminar rooms 1-3
100 W 5th St
Hamilton, ON L8P 3R2
Concurrent Disorders Capacity Building Strategy

This workshop will allow the participants to stay current on the types of substances being used by youth. Topics will include: trends and patterns of use, emerging issues (legal status or marijuana in Canada), the impact of substance use on youth brain development and how peer education can be a model for effective prevention programming.

By the end of the this presentation the audience will:

  • Examine the influence of media-driven information and how to distinguish the facts from the hype.
  • Examine evidence around the particular vulnerabilities of youth pertaining to the developmental pathways that both influence and are impacted by youths’ substance use patterns.
  • Receive information on current research around the genetic and brain development of adolescents, with an emphasis on resiliency and how resilience-based interventions can positively impact youth development.

This workshop is hosted by the Concurrent Disorders Capacity Building Strategy.