June 25, 2020 @ 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm
SafeGuards Trauma-Informed Training

Black youth and families have been experiencing racial trauma against their bodies for generations and this has contributed to the issues of physical and mental health and the way in which black people receive services.

Considering recent events of anti-black racism in North America, it is important to acknowledge the immediate and vicarious trauma experienced by black youth and their families on account of racial trauma.

This webinar will look at the differential experiences of Black bodies as it pertains to the hierarchy of race, and subsequently why anti-black racism must be the focus when dealing with black people and addressing trauma.

This will be an opportunity to have some discussion on how to address issues of anti-black racism to best serve people you support.

Learning Outcomes

-Understand how Historical Trauma presents today
-Recognize the impact of Racial Trauma on Black Bodies/ Anti- Black Racism
-Describe symptoms of Racial Trauma
-Understand the similarities between Trauma-Informed Care and Anti –Oppressive/Anti-racism care.
-Describe actionable steps to address issues of anti-black racism with youth and families

This webinar is brought to you by SafeGuards Trauma-Informed Training