On July 1, changes to the Lobbyists Registration Act (1998) take effect that Ontario nonprofits need to know about. The Ontario Government recently passed Bill 8, which changed the rules so that the threshold for nonprofits having to register as “lobbyists” was lowered from 20% of a staff person’s time over a 3-month period to 50 hours of “lobbying activity” per year, organization-wide. The amendments also gave the Integrity Commissioner investigative powers and created penalties for non-compliance.

Given these significant changes and new enforcement powers, many charities and nonprofits will have to review their practices and record keeping. With a threshold of 50 hours a year (less than an hour a week), many more nonprofit organizations may have to register.

You may think your organization does not engage in “lobbying” but the definition under the Act is broad. Join the Ontario Nonprofit Network’s free webinar if your work engages with the Ontario Government on a regular basis in any capacity – you may be affected!

During this webinar:

  • Learn what is in the legislation and what it might mean for your organization
  • Engage in a Q & A with the Director of the Office of the Integrity Commissioner
  • Hear the questions of your peers