On December 3, join us for a free webinar to look ahead at trends that will impact the nonprofit sector in 2021 and the years to come. 2020 was likely the year we won’t forget for a long time. From the impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic and WE Charity controversy, to the soul searching that has taken place related to systemic racism, the nation’s charities and nonprofits have been in ‘pivot overdrive’. In this session, Imagine Canada’s President & CEO, Bruce MacDonald, will touch on some of the key implications from 2020 and look ahead to the coming year to provide sector leaders with insights that they can use when building their upcoming plans.

In this webinar the presenter, Bruce MacDonald, President & CEO of Imagine Canada will cover:

-How the scope, scale and priorities of the nonprofit sector shifted in 2020
-The lasting and long term implications of 2020 events on the nonprofit sector
-Predictions for new shifts in the decade ahead
-How charities and nonprofits can best position themselves in the coming year(s)

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