March 21, 2017 @ 11:30 am – 1:00 pm
Niagara Sustainability Initiative

There is a lot of uncertainty around the word ‘sustainability’. What does it mean? Do your customers really understand the value, and definition, of GREEN products?

For organizations who choose to implement sustainability best practices, often there is frustration when it comes to communicating their efforts to their employees, investors, and customers.

When you aren’t able to communicate these initiatives effectively, it can lead to a variety of challenges. Projects don’t get buy-in, costs to certify a product are difficult to justify, customers don’t see the value of buying an environmentally-friendly product, or they are hesitant to buy because of past experiences with false advertising by other companies, and the list goes on.

So how do you communicate effectively to get the most out of your sustainability initiatives?

Join the NSI to learn more about:

  • The language of sustainability and setting goals
  • Marketing vs. Public Relations – Understanding the differences and benefits to both
  • What are the risks to promoting sustainability, including avoiding greenwashing?
  • How do you reduce these risks?
  • Tips on how to increase the effectiveness of your ‘Green’ initiatives using both public relations and marketing tactics

Laura Dunkley, webinar presenter, offers insights gathered through her experience in communicating sustainability initiatives for various clients and not-for-profit organizations. As well, she will provide examples from organizations who continue to show success in building their business based on a values-driven model; with environmental sustainability initiatives a large part of their core values.

This webinar is hosted by the Niagara Sustainability Initiative.