McMaster University’s Offord Centre for Child Studies launches a follow-up Ontario Parent Survey after 14 months of the pandemic.

Researchers from McMaster University and Offord Centre for Child Studies have launched a follow-up province-wide survey to measure and understand how families with children 0 to 17 are still coping with COVID-19.

“We would now like to see how families are faring a year into the COVID pandemic and how the rollercoaster ride of public health measures and school openings and closures are having an impact on children and parents/caregivers,” says Gonzalez. “We also want to know what parents and families may need moving forward as we slowly begin to emerge from the pandemic and plan for the future.”

The new Ontario Parent Survey launched Monday May 3 and will be open for 6 weeks.
Pendant six semaines, à compter du lundi 3 mai, les parents et les aidants peuvent participer au sondage en allant à

There will be a random drawafter the survey closes which will include gift certificates for Amazon (.ca) and three Apple iPads as grand prize draws — great incentives for parents.

To view the Key Findings of the 2020 Ontario Parent Survey: Click here

This survey is brought to you by McMaster University’s Offord Centre for Child Studies