We invite you to join us for these crucial conversations where we will be drawing on visionary experts and leaders from around the country and region, to assess and debate where we are right now, where we can go from here, and how we can get there.

Panel themes:

Forum 1: Niagara’s Competitiveness. Everything has changed, and Niagara’s traditional picture of itself may no longer hold true. Our panel of local, provincial and federal experts will convene to discuss Niagara’s place in the bigger picture and how Niagara can position itself to move forward in the 2020s.

Forum 2: The Long Game. There are many new opportunities that will appear this decade, and also new challenges. There are also existing barriers that will take a long time to fix. This panel will look at the long-term opportunities and problems that Niagara faces and tease out plans to start addressing both.

Forum 3: Our Ethical Future. Consumers, workers, and businesses are more concerned with ethics than ever before. This panel will examine how the appetite for gender equality, LGBTQ rights, truth and reconciliation, living wages, climate change mitigation, diversity and inclusion, and other issues of ethics and fairness are impacting the business world, and how we can navigate them.