September 21, 2016 @ 2:00 pm – 3:15 pm

Food waste in Canada amounts to $31 billion annually, with consumers responsible for an astonishing 47% of this value. Canadian households throw away more than $100 every month! Reducing waste can not only save costs, but it will also reduce our ecological footprint. What can you or your organization do to help?

Sustain Ontario is hosting a series of webinars, Breaking Down Regional Food Waste featuring municipal regional food waste reduction experts. Panelists will share their experiences with audience members who are interested in, or at the beginning stages of implementing food waste reduction or diversion campaigns.

WEBINAR 2: This webinar is an introduction to metrics for conducting food waste audits at the household level. Learn from the perspectives of the private sector, regional government and academia. Topics of discussion will include best practices, barriers and solutions to measuring food waste, as well as collaboration across sectors.


  • Larry Freiburger is a Director of Operations at AET Group, an environmental consulting auditing and scientific services company. He has extensive experience in conducting waste characterizations, waste assessments, waste minimization and long term waste management planning across Canada.
  • Julie Hordowick is a representative from York Region’s Environmental Services department. She is the program manager of York Region’s Integrated Waste Management Master Plan.
  • Mike von Massow is a researcher and professor at the University of Guelph with the Department of Food Agriculture and Resource Economics. He is a lead researcher on the Guelph Food Waste Research project, and has conducted studies of household food waste behaviour for the City of Guelph and York Region.