Join our webinar this May 25, 26, 27, 28 and 29, 2020 for training all health and human service professionals looking to expand their management and leadership skills.

This live webinar certificate program is made up of the five-key management learning modules/webinars, that together offer participants the opportunity to fully explore the many exciting ideas and practices that make up the vast world of successful management with tips for both the virtual and non-virtual work environment.

Register for the full Certificate Program, or any of the individual webinars, whichever fits your professional development needs best.

Module Overview:
Module 1: The Leadership Edge.
Module 2: Foundations of Coaching.
Module 3: Managing Employee Performance in Health and Human Service.
Module 4: Holding Difficult Conversations.
Module 5: Change Management.

Each Individual Learning Module/webinar may be taken separately from the Certificate Program as stand-alone workshops however, all five modules/webinars must be completed to receive the certificate.

This webinar series is hosted by SickKids Learning Institute