October 27, 2021 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program

GrandPals is an intergenerational program that connects middle school students with older adults (55+) for mutual learning, storytelling, and meaningful friendships. GrandPals was first implemented in 2010 in Orangeville, Ontario with the support of the local age-friendly community initiative (AFCI), and has since been implemented in 55 classes at 9 elementary schools.

The Centre for Studies in Aging and Health and the Ontario Age-Friendly Communities Outreach Program are developing the infrastructure and partnerships needed to enable significant growth of this successful program to other communities through our age-friendly networks. AFCIs are viewed as a key element to growing the impact of the program by mobilizing older adults to participate.

This webinar will provide an introduction to intergenerational programming, share key learnings from GrandPals and discuss how this program can be integrated into age-friendly action plans. This webinar will include interactive components to get feedback from the AFCI community on the implementation process including anticipated barriers and needed resources.

For more information about GrandPals, visit: www.grandpals.ca.