Big data is changing the landscape of how Ontario institutions develop public policy and design government programs. Our governments are collecting more data than ever before and are taking advantage of powerful computing and analytical models.

Many believe that big data analytics support evidence-based decision making and fuel innovation by enabling public policy makers to gain insights from data faster and in previously unimagined ways, including predicting human behaviour.

How can we ensure that the privacy rights of Ontarians are respected and personal information is managed appropriately and fairly in a big data world? How do we ensure transparency and that results and findings are accurate and non-discriminatory? How can we protect an individual’s right to challenge findings that are based on these powerful analytical tools?

Join this event in person or via webcast where presenters will examine this topic and look at the challenges that public sector professionals must address as they strive to harness the potential that big data has to offer.

This event is hosted by the Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario.