The 4th edition of Health Promotion in Canada has just been released, with new chapters and contributors, reflecting emerging issues in health promotion, new organizational developments, and another generation of researchers, practitioners, and advocates. Health Promotion Canada, in partnership with Health Nexus via HC Link, is sponsoring a series of webinars to share some of the contents of this new edition to support capacity building, debate, and dialogue within the health promotion community.

In the first of this series, Ann Pederson, Director of Population Health Promotion at BC Women’s Hospital + Health Centre and Adjunct Faculty at Simon Fraser University, will reflect on the potential of gender-transformative health promotion interventions to address the challenge of violence against women.

Gender-transformative interventions seek to address gender equity as part of the root cause of health and social issues. In the case of violence against women, this means engaging with the underlying aspects of gender relations that contribute to the grim statistics of intimate partner violence and sexual assault.

The webinar will offer some background on the issue as well as some promising Canadian practices to illustrate innovations that may help address this form of gender-based violence. As we recognize 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence in Canada November 25 – December 10 every year, this webinar is a timely opportunity to reflect on the issues and potential solutions.

This webinar is hosted by HC Link.