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How do you express your mental health? Do you keep it bottled up inside you? What if you could turn those wild, unruly feelings and emotion into art?

These mental health x artistic expression workshops are facilitated by Sodienye Wabaso Amajor, a Dora Nominated Nigerian Actor, writer and performer who lives and works in St Catharines, Ontario. She holds a master’s degree in Theatre and Performance studies from York University with a keen interest in African Theory and Development. Sodienye currently works with Suitcase in Point Multi arts company as the Arts Mentorship Program director.

Social Media Handle @sodiandtheboys

“We reveal our truths so that different characters can live within us for play. We condition our vessels, instruments, and bodies so that the breath can flow through us as we tell the most intimate and intricate stories that pertain to human life. We listen deeply to our heartbeats, our rhythms, our needs, we prioritise our creativity, we don’t “put on” anything, because we, as we are, are more interesting than any preconceived ideas of drama and acting could ever be.” Sodienya Wabaso Amajor.

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