Join us on June 30th at 12pm as we take a look into social issues around affordable housing with a gender lens.

“Feminism, Affordable Housing, and the Real Estate Market”

Homelessness disproportionately affects women, single mothers, and especially women of colour. This increases the need for affordable housing that gives women a safe place to raise their families and to call home. In this panel discussion, we’re bringing a feminist lens to one of the most hot-button topics in Niagara right now – housing. For many women living in poverty, affordable housing is the only option for safe, permanent residency. With Niagara’s real estate market becoming unattainable and affordable housing being scarce for women in poverty, single-parents, and marginalized communities, how do we make the future of homeownership female?

This Lunch & Learn event, “Feminism, Affordable Housing, and the Real Estate Market”, will answer questions like:

  • What are key barriers for women, and especially women of colour, who need to access and maintain affordable housing?
  • What role can Niagara can women and allies play in shaping policy around affordable housing?
  • How can women navigate the barriers of Niagara’s skyrocketing real estate marketing?

We hope you enjoy learning from our panelists and that you take the opportunity to ask any questions surrounding women’s homelessness, affordable housing, and homeownership.

This event is brought to you by YWCA Niagara Region