Our Environmental Grants Program focuses on bringing more partners together in our community to create a collaborative approach to meeting the environmental challenges we are facing.

In 2022, we were privileged to enhance our existing Environmental Grants Program, made possible through a generous gift from Dorothea Thomas Foundation. “Grow Sustainability” NOT “Sustain Growth” is the vision of this new endowment fund at the Niagara Community Foundation. Pooled with other generous funds, the enhanced Environmental Grants Program will impact environmental work across Niagara.

Our Grants Program supports Rural and Urban environment projects. Additionally, we welcome applications from Volunteer Groups and Youth Led Initiatives that meet the eligibility requirements.

Grant Making Priorities

OPTION 1: Retain, reclaim and limit human impact on environmentally sensitive areas. May include:

  • Protect, restore and enhance environmental integrity of the shorelines
  • Protect and/or improve the water of Lake Erie, Lake Ontario and related tributaries
  • Protect, restore and enhance aquatic habitats for fish and wildlife
  • Establish and/or enhance rural and urban space, tree planting/urban canopies which are linked to water quality
  • Provide education and awareness of the above listed priorities
  • Protect, restore and enhance environmental integrity of features in our natural heritage system to build resiliency
  • Protect, restore and enhance wildlife habitat areas and corridors
  • Establish/enhance/restore natural heritage system and the removal of invasive species

OPTION 2: Support “Life Cycle Cost” assessment (environmental and economic) of government and industrial policies and practices.

Grant Assessment Criteria

All proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria:

  • How was the project need determined and what were were the methods used to identify the need?
  • How does the project fit with the priorities of the Niagara Community Foundation?
  • If similar programs are offered within their delivery area, why should the applicant’s program be considered?
  • What is the capability of the applicant to undertake the project?
  • How will the success of the project be determined?
  • How sustainable is the project (if applicable)?

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