April 4, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
$25 for staffed organizations; or $10 for all-volunteer groups
Sustainability Network

‘Engagement Organizing’ is an approach that strives to marry organizing, technology, and a culture of developing leadership in others. It represents a shift away from expert-driven, direct mail groups toward a model that focuses on nimble, data-driven, learning organizations that place relationship building and mobilization of supporters at the heart of their work. It is an approach that can be particularly useful for the savvy volunteer-run organization that focuses on building volunteer teams to do the bulk of its work.

The goal of the online training is to share the theory and practice of developing successful engagement organizations that are driven largely if not entirely by volunteer leaders. Session leaders will describe real world stories and techniques of others doing this kind of work, and also tap into lessons from participants online.

The training is comprised of the two webinars (i.e., a single registration) and will explore topics such as engagement based theories of change, supporter recruitment, tools for managing supporters (that are relevant to largely volunteer initiatives), supporting leadership development, and distributed organizing models.

These training sessions are hosted by the Sustainability Network.