November 15, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 11:30 am
HC Link

While student use of tobacco cigarettes has consistently and significantly decreased in the past 15 years, there are new and emerging products for smoking and tobacco intake that complicate the youth education arena.

This webinar will provide information on these emerging trends in tobacco use among young people, providing an overview of the products, current legislation and examples of campaigns that are taking action in the province.

Presenters will describe the alternative products and how they relate to tobacco use among young people, specifically looking at water pipes, vapes (or e-cigarettes) and “smokeless” forms such as chew and snus, as well as the role of flavouring in creating a market among novice users. They will consider the issues surrounding youth interest in and access to these products and the challenge faced by health educators to respond to this changing landscape.

This webinar will be updated to provide information on the federal governments promise to introduce plain and standardized packaging (PSP) into the market. Presenters will go over what this means and why it matters. Two guests will speak about Freeze the Industry’s upcoming campaign on PSP.

This webinar is hosted by HC Link.