Besides its compelling environmental benefits, renewable energy also presents a major economic opportunity. Studies have shown that it is significantly more jobs intensive than conventional oil and gas development and, with the world racing toward a trillion-dollar renewable energy marketplace, demand for renewable energy is soaring.

But when it comes to maximizing the economic benefits and public support for clean energy sources like wind and solar, community ownership matters. Past studies from the United States, the U.K., and Germany have shown that community-owned renewable energy projects are effective tools for community wealth building and expanding public awareness and support of clean energy projects.

To illustrate the economic benefits of community-owned renewable energy in Ontario, TREC commissioned an economic analysis of SolarShare, one of the largest community power co-operatives in North America with a portfolio of 35 projects. They will be sharing the findings of their study: “The Power of Community: How Community-Led Renewables can help Ontario create a powerful economic advantage”.