This webinar will present a model of therapy that will shift participant’s theoretical framework to that of Attachment-Focused Therapy.

This training is suitable for: Educators, Mental Health and Medical Professionals, as well as Direct Service Workers.

The theory of attachment clearly describes attachment as a lifelong phenomenon with adolescents and adults continuing to be impacted by their early attachment experiences in their adult relationships and self-perception, yet most therapy for adults has not incorporated an understanding of attachment nor based therapeutic interventions on attachment principles.

This workshop will teach you the categories of adult attachment, how to recognize such categories, and how to assist your adult clients to progress from being insecurely attached adults to securely attached adults. The workshop will present a model of therapy that will shift your theoretical framework to that of Attachment-Focused therapy. This model will help you assess adult attachment categories, recognize the impact of early childhood attachment experiences on the personality development of your clients, guide your clients through the process of mourning their losses and longings and use yourself in the reparative process of therapy. You will develop an awareness of your own attachment style and its importance in your therapeutic work.

Learning Objectives:

-Recognizing and Assessing for Adult Attachment Categories
-Learn and apply a model of Adult Attachment-Focused Psychotherapy
-Make Attachment the Paradigm for therapeutic change

This webinar is hosted by SickKids Centre for Community Mental Health (CCMH)