May 7, 2021 all-day
Virtual Fundraiser
Arid Recovery Homes

This is Arid’s 22nd Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser but our 1st Virtual Walk-A-Thon. Participants can go to our event platform, our website or our Facebook page and either download a printable pledge sheet or share our event link and collect pledges. On their own time and place of choice, participants can do their 5 or 10k walk (send us a photo if you like) and then submit their donations via the platform. Those who are more comfortable with paper and cash can meet us on May 29th at our Welland site (35 River Rd. Welland) between 9am and noon. We will have an outdoor, Covid safe table set up to collect your pledge sheets and donations.

This fundraiser will be happening for the entire month of May

This fundraiser is brought to you by Arid Recovery Homes